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The perfect present for all kinds of Producers


  • Almost two hundred meaningful phrases for the Film & Photo Producers.

  • It's cool and easy to read!

  • This book is both useful for those who are just beginning in the industry and funny for those who have been working for years.

FIXER the Guide Book
Reproducir video

“It is so easy to read that it ends up being useful”

said the security guard of LA VANGUARDIA


“We all know it, but no one has written it before

said a friend’s wife who works for EL PERIÓDICO DE CATALUNYA.


"It's not even close Cathedral of the Sea",

said the AUTHOR.

Book details:

Bilingual edition: English - Spanish
Height: 105 mm.
Width: 148 mm.
Bulk: 12 mm.
Weight: 160 gr.
Pages: 204

About the author

Matías Oddone

Is a freelance Producer & Fixer with over 25 years of experience producing fashion, cars, and advertising photos & filming

Based in Barcelona, where he lives nowadays. Also travels around Europe and South America producing for different photographers, directors, and AD companies. He manages advertising campaigns for clients like: Redbull, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Toyota, Puma, Nike, Levi's, H&M, Vodafone among others.

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